A combination of beauty and science

A combination of beauty and science has always been the Perris Swiss Laboratory ethos – products that inspire and promote wellbeing, backed by pharmaceutical learnings and clean beauty.

At Perris Swiss Laboratory, we strongly believe that cosmetics should inspire, allow a moment of indulgence and a unique experience but above all, provide reliable and visible results. This has been our dream and aim from the very beginning of the Perris Swiss Laboratory story -: using professional and highly advanced scientific learnings to deliver immediate and long term results in a safe way.

To ensure product efficiency and meet the needs of our customers, we have used The Sferalp’s expertise to develop a unique active system that combines innovative ingredients and pharmaceutical technology. This Swiss- made technology allows the Skin Fitness range to offer customers high-quality products that give visible results. To achieve this, we use ultra fine emulsions and intensive tailor-made liposome . They help to:

  • Improve skin affinity due to their small size and similar structure to the skin.
  • Improve active’s protection, and ensure them to be effective throughout the product’s shelf life
  • Enhance their action within the skin’s surface
  • Improve long lasting release of active
  • Safe technology, non-toxic and non-irritant for skin

Unlocking the science within the beauty industry has been our goal when developing the Perris Swiss Laboratory products. And finally, after many years of in-depth research and development, our pharmaceutical learnings have allowed us to create innovative products that meet efficiency standards, have high skin tolerance and provide a unique sensorial quality. Now by using our products, we hope that you will enjoy the beauty of science… and the science of beauty!