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Skinfitness peeling expertise

The peeling of Skin Fitness represents a revolution in the world of peelings
Exercises your skin with a new generation of skin peel. Thanks to the Pharmaceutical Swiss-made technology and the combination of natural seed powders highly efficient actives and daily massage stimulates surface cell turnover (skin renewal) for firmer, younger-looking skin and targeted benefits.

How does it work?

Natural seed powders are designed to “rejuvenate” the skin without the harsh effects often associated with synthetic and chemical exfoliants. They are renewable, sustainable and suitable for all skin type and sensitive skin. The shape, size, flexibility and mildness of natural seed powders mean, they work within the skin's surface to sooth skin without causing any irritations, perfect for a daily use. During the peeling process, they help to make a path for targeted actives like tocotrienol ultra fine emulsion, stabilised vitamin C liposome & niacinamide liposome. Thanks to the Pharmaceutical Swiss-made technology, the actives are protected and have a stronger skin affinity.