Discover the groundbreaking super complex

Anti-oxydant patented complex

MTA -2ox, a super anti-oxidant patented complex to enhance your beauty

Micro Emulsion of Tocotrienol
Algae Astaxanthin
MTA-2ox patented complex

Patented Complex MTA-2ox

  • Creates better protection of the cells
  • Helps to keep the cells in good health
  • Reinforces the cellular membrane
Strong antioxidant action
Slows down aging process

What our customers say

Active Anti-Aging Face Cream

An excellent anti-aging cream, it nourishes in depth and leaves a pleasant feeling throughout the day, I usually apply it after the concentrated serum.

Active Anti-Aging Face Emulsion

Love its lightweight texture! I was looking for a cream that is hydrating but not greasy and I am so glad to find it!

Mask Serum "Eclat de Beauté"

I had never tried it before but the truth is that it has fulfilled my expectations in a very positive way. I love it!

Lift Anti-Aging Peeling Medium

The best peeling I have tried. I massage it into clean skin every morning and my skin feels much firmer and brighter.

Lift Anti-Aging Peeling Soft

Got this peeling recommended by my beautician. Must say it is really great and leaves a super soft and moisturized skin.

Gentle Cleanser Urban Protection

I use it to remove make-up every night, it is a very effective but at the same time gentle make-up removal gel, it always leaves my skin well moisturised.

Global Care Urban Protection

Love it! It leaves my skin soft but not oily. I can feel how it protects my skin from external aggressions and prevents the appearance of first wrinkles

Beauty Micellar Cleansing Milk

Since using this cleanser my skin has completely changed. From the first use, my skin feels super soft and plumped up with an unprecedented moisturizing effect. Incredible the radiance that radiates on the face after cleansing with this product. Highly recommended

Concentrated Serum

Excellent serum. Moisturizes but without weighing it down. Perfect also used alone for my combination skin. Doesn't seal the skin being silicone free, skin looks radiant and smooth day after day. After 1 month of use, wrinkles have faded. The price is a bit high but it makes up for the quality.


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We exclude from our formulas harmful ingredients, animal products, and synthetic substances such as parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances or synthetic dyes. Our focus on high-end, ethical raw materials delivers healthy products that respect your well-being

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We prioritize environmental responsibility by using FSC certified packaging for responsible forest management. We offer recyclable packaging with minimal components (no leaflet,
internal or cellophane).

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