Cleanses the skin
Removes make-up & impurities
Helps to preserve & restore the physiological pH of the skin
Gentle Cleanser Urban ProtectionGentle Cleanser Urban Protection
Helps to fight the first signs of aging
Hydrates the skin
Protects the skin from polluting agents
Global Care Urban ProtectionGlobal Care Urban Protection
Visibly enhances luminosity
Gives instant glow & radiance to the skin
Hydrates & plumps the skin
Radiance BoosterRadiance Booster

skin fit youth

Radiance Booster

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Restores skin mineralization
Hydrates & plumps the skin
Stimulates collagen production
Hydra Mineral BoosterHydra Mineral Booster

skin fit youth

Hydra Mineral Booster

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Lifts, visibly improves skin elasticity
Firms the skin
Hydrates & gives the glow
Facelift BoosterFacelift Booster

skin fit youth

Facelift Booster

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A minimum of 95% Natural Origin

Premium ingredients products ecodermocompatible

- the purest natural ingredients in all products.

- Innovative, active ingredients that really work

- Our products use the latest innovations in skincare ingredients:

x Pharmaceutical Swiss technology

x Intensive tailor-made liposomes

x Ultra-fine emulsions