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Step 1


Essential part of preparing your skin

Boost your skin

Step 2

Boost your skin

exercise you skin to prevent aging process. Execute by using delicate but efficient mechanical peeling. Clinically tested

Moisturize and regenerate

Step 3

Moisturize and regenerate

Moisturize and regenerate

Pamper yourself

Step 4

Pamper yourself

Pamper yourself

Cleanses the skin
Removes make-up & impurities
Leaves the skin moisturized
Beauty Micellar Cleansing MilkBeauty Micellar Cleansing Milk
Gives a feeling of clean & fresh skin
Removes all impurities
Helps ecoflora to keep skin healthy
Beauty Micellar WaterBeauty Micellar Water
Cleanses the skin
Removes make-up & impurities
Helps to preserve & restore the physiological pH of the skin
Gentle Cleanser Urban ProtectionGentle Cleanser Urban Protection
Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles
Visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles
Visibly reduces the appearance of puffy eyes
Active Anti-Aging Eye CreamActive Anti-Aging Eye Cream

global anti-aging

Lifts the skin instantly
Smooths the skin
Acts as a ‘second skin’
Concentrated SerumConcentrated Serum

use it as a night care - global anti-aging

Visibly firms the skin
Mattifies the skin
Helps to restore skin condition
Active Anti-Aging Face EmulsionActive Anti-Aging Face Emulsion

as a day care global anti-aging- detox – mattifying

Helps to fight the first signs of aging
Hydrates the skin
Protects the skin from polluting agents
Global Care Urban ProtectionGlobal Care Urban Protection

use it as a night care treatment- preventing first signs of the aging process

Helps to give a deep nutrition to the skin
Improves skin elasticity
Improves complexion radiance
Mask Serum "Eclat de Beauté"Mask Serum "Eclat de Beauté"

deep repairing night treatment

A minimum of 95% Natural Origin

Premium ingredients products ecodermocompatible

- the purest natural ingredients in all products.

- Innovative, active ingredients that really work

- Our products use the latest innovations in skincare ingredients:

x Pharmaceutical Swiss technology

x Intensive tailor-made liposomes

x Ultra-fine emulsions