Exclusive products with the highest quality standard .

Formulations associating naturality and pharmaceutical expertise.

The laboratory works continuously to source new raw materials natural origin or coming from a green process to offer the high efficiency and premium texture .

Since the beginning our laboratory has  tested more than 100 raw materials and more than 200 lab trials  to create innovative and different products.

Perris Swiss Laboratory
Perris Swiss Laboratory

Swiss technology

An ultra-fine emulsion has a tiny particle size. Because it’s so fine, it has a much stronger ability to work within the skin and brings the active agent closest to its target. The Intensive tailor-made liposome is a tiny vesicle made of phospholipids bilayer. With a structure that is analogous to those found in the skin a Liposome has proved to be an ideal vector for carrying active ingredients where they’re most needed. The use of these two advanced technologies in a cosmetic product provides many benefits:
• Better skin affinity: smaller size and similar structure to the skin
• Improve active ingredient protection, especially for sensitive ingredients, and ensure efficacy throughout the product’s shelf life
• Enhance their action within the skin’s surface
• Improve long lasting release of active
• Safe technology: non-toxic and non-irritant for skin

This innovative technology was developed by SFERALP .– founded in Switzerland in 1998. SFERALP has a strong expertise in encapsulation technologies of active ingredients for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.