Skin solutions - clever packaging to protect formulas

Developing the Perris Swiss Laboratory brand isn’t just about the formulas – packaging is very important, for protecting our products, keeping them safe from external factors and making your skin care routine simple, easy and luxurious.
More than ever customers expect high standards and this drives us to continuously develop innovative packaging solutions that reflect the consumers’ your lifestyles, needs and preferences.
Avoiding oxidation and contamination have has always been a challenge when it comes to packaging cosmetic products. Contact with air often affects the physical and chemical properties of the ingredients and the formula. Microbes can also play havoc with cosmetics, especially as the trend these days is to reduce the use of preservativesbrands reduce their use of preservatives. Airless cosmetic bottles are the perfect solutions for packaging products which that are sensitive to -oxidation or microbial attacks.
Also airless packaging also protects products from the formulation against lights ( in the shop, in the bathroom, etcm…) and avoids also any kind of contamination with fingers when the consumer use the product when the product is used.
It’ is a safe choice to that guarantees at the final consumer an optimal formula which stay remains very efficient during all the use of the productuse.

All the products in the Perris swiss Laboratory brand have a packaging that’s carefully selected to protect the formulas and avoid any kind of contamination.