How to get rid of age spots?

Age spots: a major concern for women?

Age spots are one of the main beauty concerns because they are most often found in visible areas of the body such as the face, hands, neckline and neck.

But be careful, because they can reveal certain hormonal or inflammatory dysfunctions or a reaction to the sun.

What are age spots?

Pigmented skin spots are a modification of the normal skin color, also called as hyperpigmentation (brown, red, pink). These pigmented spots need to be identified because, being a complex skin disorder, they can be due to different factors.

What causes brown spots to appear suddenly?

The main cause of brown spots appearance is the aging of the skin, hormonal changes but also and above all the sun exposure sessions accumulated throughout the years.

After years of sun exposure, melanin can concentrate on certain areas of the skin. Brown spots then appear in a definitive way, often for people over 40 years old.

However, the sun is not the only reason for the appearance of pigmented skin spots; our hormones also play a role.

Indeed, women undergo a hormonal upheaval during pregnancy or menopause, for example.

These periods are unfortunately favorable for the appearance of age spots. These spots are most often located on the cheeks, forehead and above the lips.

Fortunately, brown spots are not irreversible.

It is nothing serious but often a very frequent skin concern for women.

Age spots: protect your skin and use age-spots removal products

The prevention of brown spots requires a reasonable exposure to the sun. It is recommended to avoid the sun between noon and 4 pm, to seek the shade, to wear a hat.

If we cannot reverse the appearance of dark spots, we can at least prevent & slow down their multiplication by avoiding the sun and by using products targeted for this purpose and enriched with active ingredients that block the synthesis of melanin. The appearance of new spots will be limited and existing spots will be reduced.

The Lightening Solution Collection offers products to reduce existing spots but also to prevent the appearance of new ones.

A new natural alternative to chemical products.

The products can be applied not only on the face but also on the hands - areas that should not be forgotten because they are also exposed to the sun.

With the appearance of spots, there is usually a lack of radiance of the skin.

The following protocol: Lifting Lightening Peeling + Radiance Activating Lotion + Lightening Dark Spot Serum from the Lightening Solution Collection offers a complete protocol targeted against age spots and the lack of brightness of the skin.